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Same But Different

Updated: May 5, 2020

Happy May Dear Friends!

It appears we are beginning a slow re-emergence to a more traditional pace of life. I suspect some aspects of life will feel the same but also different. I also believe the degree of "same but different" is a personal choice. That said, I have a few questions for you...while the world stood still how have you personally shifted? What have you observed about your habits, routines and perspectives in life as it "once was" versus as it is now? Now might be a great time to make a list of what you wish to be the "same but different". We have had a gift of time to create new patterns and not all should be lost.

Personally, I feel the momentum of shift in my priorities and perspectives as well as some shifts in my yoga practice on and off the mat. While they are still fundamentally grounded in the same beliefs, my approach and commitment will be different. Living alone during a period of "self quarantine" provides an unexpected opportunity for self-study. A gap in space to observe my own triggers followed by more space to literally sit with them. Rushing to my next destination was not an available distraction. Most of these triggers were familiar friends who were now intensified by the fact that the world was standing still. So, I made a choice to pay attention to how I could choose to respond differently and improve my thoughts and energy. I chose to bend more so I would not break. I chose to balance my time adding more Yin and less Yang, I chose to step back and try again and again.

Atha, within the Yoga Sutras, represents new beginnings of self-study: who we are, where we are and how we can incrementally change. (Trust me, there have been times when I have literally proclaimed "I am really sick of trying to fix myself".) The reality is - new beginnings and self-study do not cease in life. At any age. There is no "game, set, match"; now I can cruise! Nope, it just gets different. And then we must decide how to move forward with the different and make life even better. I suppose we could throw in the towel and stop, but that sounds like drudgery or...death.

My favorite quote of the week. "Until one is committed, there is a hesitancy, the chance to draw back, The moment one definitely commits oneself then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would otherwise never have occurred. What every you can do, or dream, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it". It sounds waaaay better to be bold with genius, power and magic than to waffle and draw back! Providence, The Universe, God are all waiting for us to decide to begin again!! How cool is that? Be bold and be different.

So, what will you take from your experience of life on the inside since March 1stish? How will you begin again? What can you take forward that has served you well? What have you learned about yourself that is new and refreshing? How will you navigate in the world differently? Maybe you discovered some simple pleasures you previously took for granted. Maybe you found some new perspectives you desire to retain. Maybe you recognized some unwelcome triggers that need to be reshaped or smothered. Pause now and make a list of what should be the same...and what most definitely will be different.

Except for Traffic. Traffic needs to stay different...none of the same as it once was.

Our practice this week will be the same. But different!

Join me Monday 5/4 at 4:30pm Level 2 and Friday 8:15am Basics

Much Love,


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