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Monday 5:30-6:40pm 

Friday 8:30-9:40am 

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Foundations & Flow

Tuesday 6-7pm
(EST  zone)

Vinyasa: This practice encourages movement with breath.  Expect a warmup, a foundational sequence with creative movement that will challenge your mind, body and shake your soul.  These classes are designed to advance your strength, mobility and stability across all those dimensions.  I will offer opportunities to add-in an arm balance or inversion, but that's never necessary.  Your only responsibility is to breathe and find freedom and fluidity in your movement.  The practice of yoga teaches us that changes in our physical body impact our breath, thoughts and soul.  Each of those in turn impact the physical body.  Get ready for some change! 


Foundations & Flow:  Because foundations are important in all aspects of life, this class is designed to help you establish a solid base in your practice as we build strength, stability and mobility with your flow.  F&F is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to move with muscles, not just momentum, whether you are new to the practice or an active practitioner.  The number one rule is to breath.   Any accomplishment beyond connecting movement and breathe is frosting on the cake.  We are all in this together which makes learning so much fun. 

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