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Nancy Tvedt
Yoga Instructor

I began teaching Yoga in 2012 following a successful corporate career.  Life turned a bit upside down and I found myself on my knees and on a yoga mat.  Transitions in life became opportunities and I chose to turn my heart towards the sun.  The rewards have been endless and I have been blessed to guide some beautiful beings; yogis of experience and those brand-new.  I am now an accomplished instructor in the Atlanta community and lead retreats around the world.  

Forever a student on the mat, I have advanced my practice delving deeper in the yoga philosophy and exploring various disciplines beyond Vinyasa including Ashtanga and Anusara.  Eager to learn more to support my students, I have followed numerous leaders in the yoga industry such as Janet Stone, Amy Ippoliti, Kino McGregor, Bonnie, Weeks, Francesca Cervero as well as my teacher and mentor, Kelli Precourt. 


I am a firm believer in the power of Yoga to forge the interconnection between the mind, the body and the soul.  My soulful yoga classes will challenge your physical strength and flexibility as well as open your heart and quiet your mind. My retreats will allow you to pause, reflect and inspire you to step forward with intention.  


My wish is to walk this earth with grace and strength.

(Yoga Alliance Certified; ERYT 200, ERYT500)

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