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Being as opposed to Doing

Greetings Yoga Mates and Happy Mother's Day!

I hope your day and this past week have been filled with actions and words that raised your vibration. How often were you curious about your thoughts, question your words or brought intention to your actions? Maybe your awareness has heightened over the past two months. I have certainly dialed inward and filled up with positive messages to keep my spirits high or pull them higher when the days felt heavy.

Yesterday I listened to a great podcast and was given the gift of this poem "Work" written by Margaret Noodin:

The work of every leaf is to open in the sun.

The work of every root is to tunnel through the earth.

My work is to recognize the interior of my soul,

and wonder at the difference between life and living.

I love the notions of work, wonder and recognition. The lesson shared was to embrace "Being" versus "Doing" in our day to day lives. To pay attention and become curious about the source of our thoughts which are the seeds of our actions and words. To pause with interest and wonder. To live in the moment with purpose. To absorb and enjoy all that is offered. To refrain from the temptation merely moving from task to task with little thought or awareness.

I have also dug into Dare to Lead, by Brene' Brown. The book is awesome for all leaders in life; at home, in the corporate world, at the grocery store or on the yoga mat. (You see, the opportunities for leadership are endless.) Brene' refers to wholeheartedness: "Rather than protecting and hiding our heart behind bullet proof glass, wholeheartedness is about integration. It's integrating our thinking, feeling and behavior". But that's not the best it comes:

"It's putting down the armor and bringing forth all...of the misshapen pieces of our make a complex, messy, awesome person." Isn't that good news?! We all messy and complex and awesome! None of us are alone in this fact. The beautiful part is the fabric of life weaves together our messy and our amazing so we can create a practice of living and being right where are feet are. But that takes work. Each and every day. It requires intention and effort and God's grace.

Our practice this week will direct our efforts towards being in the pose and exploring the transitions forward and back and then all over again. Because lessons repeat themselves until the fabric is woven. My wish is for you this new week is to open to the sun, tunnel through the earth and dig deep into your soul.

Much love,


Join me:

YogaWorks Live: 4:30 Monday Vinyasa Level 2 and 8:15am Friday Basics

Spotify Play List: Calm5

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Mary Skandalakis
Mary Skandalakis

Reading this a year after you wrote it and I love it

Nancy Tvedt
Nancy Tvedt

I’m so thrilled you are joining the adventure. The place is wonderful, healing and overflowing with joy!

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