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Release to Rediscover and Discover!

How has the week gone for you my friends? I think I fully released my internal struggle with confinement...perhaps a bit like a two year old who has finally acquiesced to the pull of deep slumber. Resisting, until finally... there was no choice but to welcome this time to explore something new and rediscover things lost or forgotten. It has been eye opening to delight in some of the simple pleasures of life. With this gift of time and constrained movement, I've rekindled interests that have been lost in the hustle of life. Digging in the dirt, pulling weeds and planting flowers consumed an entire day and reminded me of the grounding satisfaction and joy to be found "playing in the dirt". With the blessing of less traffic I returned to the simple pleasure of riding my bike exploring new communities and visiting those where I once lived. Taking the time to bake bread and cookies to share with family and friends. Ringing a neighbor's doorbell, just to say hello, without ANY advanced notice. Like I used to do when I was a kid - do you remember running next door to see if your friends could play? No text or phone call, you just ran out the door to find your friends.

New experiences and discoveries for this week: wood fill glue is my proudest achievement. Turns out I am quite the handyman when necessary. On the sharper edge, streaming classes via Zoom wrap things up and lead me to the another week of staying closer to home and finding more fodder for my soul. You can join me Monday 4:30pm and Friday 8:15am for a live stream class of continuous flow and challenging transitions. Discover and rediscover your ability to dance while it feels a little dark and heavy. Return to simple pleasures my friends.

Live Stream Monday Vinyasa Level 2 4:30pm EST

Friday Basics 8:15am EST

Both via YogaWorks Live:

Drop in passes available. I recommend blocks or block substitutes (four packs of TP work great) and a small towel for binds.

Spotify PlayList for the week: Truth is Light:

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