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Circle Up with Prana - Life Force 

Time of community and connection makes this different path of life so much more bearable.  If you haven't checked out my online platform with my yoga partner, Jenny Holding, please do. We have added a new session to forge deeper community and connection : "Circle Up - Dharma Talk" on Thursdays at 5:30pm.  It is our gift to you..and actually your gift to us!  The idea is to spend 20 minutes each week in conversation and communion.  We delve a little deeper into the weekly themes. We recently focused on "Prana".

Prana is considered to be our "life force"...the amount of vital energy we put forth or will consume in our span of living on this earth. As yoga practitioners we are familiar with Pranayama - the regulation of breath.  But Prana is more than just the practice of inhaling and exhaling; it is the difference of choosing a life that is vibrant or one that is stagnant.  Prana involves both consumption and expansion.  When one passes from this earth, there is no longer enough Prana to sustain life.   

What if, you were told you were allocated a limited amount of Prana during your lifetime?  A finite amount of energy to consume and a finite amount of energy to expand?   How would this knowledge influence your choices to utilize this limited resource of life?  Would you change the manner in which you consume your energy and direct the focus your thoughts?  Would you change your actions and activities each day? I would and I strive each day to do so.  2020 has indeed made this a challenging objective.  Some days I fail miserably..other days are more successful.   It takes work and requires a cognitive practice.  

We must acknowledging the Yin and the Yang of our practice.  We absolutely need one to appreciate the other. However, where we ultimately focus our thoughts and energy makes a difference in our perspective on this gift of life. We can choose light or dark.  We can choose joy or frustration.  We can choose freedom or fear.  We must inhale to refuel.  We must exhale to expand. If you hold your breath either in or can not sustain life.   When you hold on to thoughts or energy that is not working, there is no opportunity to heal or move forward.  

Let's work together to direct our Prana to a positive level. Let's work together to deepen Pranayama.  Let's work together to seek the light in the midst of frustrations or disappointments.  Let's work together to carry of bit of heaven in our pocket and turn our hearts upward.  

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